The Intelligent Personal MicroNet (IPMN)

To construct a true intelligent,secure personal network among the internet,all the personal devices can work together automatically,transparently, seamlessly. They have the power to think and be aware of the environment.The IPMN is a decentralized network, each part has its individual intelligence capability. The IPMN is also a convergence platform on which any your device/net resource can be mannaged efficiently. So your family can access them and enjoy their favorites anytime, anywhere in the same network in security.

Control your home devices remotely(IOT)

The embedded learning algorithm can learn from your behaviors and be aware of the environment change and then adjusts the running mode accordingly or notify you immediately in emergency.

Enable your Intelligent home network from here

To be used Miracast like technology, you can display the pictures, videos ,music, games and documents to or from any screen devices such as smartphone, laptop, tablet or big screen TV and projector in the IPMN in local or internet simply. It’s different with Miracast standard, our technology is more flexible(auido only cast mode support ) and multicast with our special MindCore flow handling and smart QoS techniques.

Build your personal intelligent micronet

There are 2 ways,to purchase ScaleCube and to upgrade your router or OTT box with MindCore or ScaleGene.

Intelligent Router(ScaleCube)

Key features:

802.11 b/g/n/ac;

2.4G/5G Hz Dual band;

MIMO 2*2+2*2;

1080p HD video,audio online and local playing support;

online and local HD games support;

Remote management by user self;


Role-based access;

Wireless Intrusion detection;

L2/L3 client isolation;

Internal hard disk support.