Architecture And Technology

MindCore: An intelligent router software platform which integrates patent-pending smart cast,smart status-aware,smart QoS,Smart upnp etc. advanced techniques.The combination of the above innovative techniques provides a top experience for home intelligence. ScaleGene: A mini intelligent agent which can make the 3rd parties devices to be involved into the IPMN network quickly.The ScaleGene includes the MindCore’s key functions. The ScalePlatform: is built to continually scale across a geographically distributed network.Each part of the platform can be isolated and scaled up with additional instances by using a clustering model.The platform consists of three modules which are ScaleConsole, ScaleSignal and ScaleDB ScaleConsole: Provides the functions of web portal,forum,register,authentication and managements(user management and administrator management).Leveraging the advanced technology,to simplify the process and improve the securityfor private information protection. ScaleSignal: Uses the real-time instant message and presence information protocol,scaled VM and tunnel technology to coordinate the devices to work together seamlessly in real time even in some complex network environment. ScaleNet: The Client with ScaleGene. ScaleDB: Stores users’ information and dynamic data generated in the platform via the leading NoSQL type database.